1. Fast, easy, cost-saving: One decisive advantage of ICF constructions are the costs: they are only 1/3 in comparison with traditional ways of building. To build with ARGISOL® is almost  "as easy as pie". Even less skilled workers are able to build with our systems. The unfilled Neopor®  'Lego type' elements are very light and therefore make heavy construction work much easier. ARGISOL® shuttering elements can be put up and filled in no time in comparison to brick walls. 2. Energy-conscious Building in a traditional way means that high demands on heat protection can only be met by using additional heat insulation. By using double-sided Neopor® shuttering ARGISOL® allows you to achieve an incredible U-result of 0,27W/m²K. With ARGISOL® you will always get a low-energy house. 3. Effective building ARGISOL® provides optimal heat and sound insulation although the wall thickness is only 25cm. Your advantage, an increasse in living space! With an assumed floor space of 100m² about 4,5m² space is gained in comparision to a 36,5cm wall. Here are only a few of the many advantages of ARGISOL products and building method: